Next Steps

These tutorials are only the first steps in using MicroPython with the BBC micro:bit. A musical analogy: you’ve got a basic understanding of a very simple instrument and confidently play “Three Blind Mice”.

This is an achievement to build upon.

Ahead of you is an exciting journey to becoming a virtuoso coder.

You will encounter frustration, failure and foolishness. When you do please remember that you’re not alone. Python has a secret weapon: the most amazing community of programmers on the planet. Connect with this community and you will make friends, find mentors, support each other and share resources.

The examples in the tutorials are simple to explain but may not be the simplest or most efficient implementations. We’ve left out lots of really fun stuff so we could concentrate on arming you with the basics. If you really want to know how to make MicroPython fly on the BBC micro:bit then read the API reference documentation. It contains information about all the capabilities available to you.

Explore, experiment and be fearless trying things out ~ for these are the attributes of a virtuoso coder. To encourage you we have hidden a number of Easter eggs in MicroPython and the code editors (both TouchDevelop and Mu). They’re fun rewards for looking “under the hood” and “poking with a stick”.

Such skill in Python is valuable: it’s one of the world’s most popular professional programming languages.

Amaze us with your code! Make things that delight us! Most of all, have fun!

Happy hacking!