Accessing the REPL

Accessing the REPL on the micro:bit requires:

  • Using a serial communication program
  • Determining the communication port identifier for the micro:bit
  • Establishing communication with the correct settings for your computer

If you are a Windows user you’ll need to install the correct drivers. The instructions for which are found here:

Serial communication

To access the REPL, you need to select a program to use for serial communication. Some common options are picocom and screen. You will need to install program and understand the basics of connecting to a device.

Determining port

The micro:bit will have a port identifier (tty, usb) that can be used by the computer for communicating. Before connecting to the micro:bit, we must determine the port identifier.

Establishing communication with the micro:bit

Depending on your operating system, environment, and serial communication program, the settings and commands will vary a bit. Here are some common settings for different systems (please suggest additions that might help others)