BBC micro:bit MicroPython documentation


The BBC micro:bit is a small computing device for children. One of the languages it understands is the popular Python programming language. The version of Python that runs on the BBC micro:bit is called MicroPython.

This documentation includes lessons for teachers and API documentation for developers (check out the index on the left). We hope you enjoy developing for the BBC micro:bit using MicroPython.

If you’re a new programmer, teacher or unsure where to start, begin with the tutorials.


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This project is under active development. Please help other developers by adding tips, how-tos, and Q&A to this document. Thanks!

Projects related to MicroPython on the BBC micro:bit include:

  • Mu - a simple code editor for kids, teachers and beginner programmers. Probably the easiest way for people to program MicroPython on the BBC micro:bit.
  • uFlash - a command line tool for flashing raw Python scripts onto a BBC micro:bit.