This module controls the 5×5 LED display on the front of your board. It can be used to display images, animations and even text.



microbit.display.get_pixel(x, y)

Return the brightness of the LED at column x and row y as an integer between 0 (off) and 9 (bright).

microbit.display.set_pixel(x, y, value)

Set the brightness of the LED at column x and row y to value, which has to be an integer between 0 and 9.


Set the brightness of all LEDs to 0 (off).


Display the image.

microbit.display.show(iterable, delay, wait=True, loop=False, clear=False)

Display images or letters from the iterable in sequence, with delay milliseconds between them.

If wait is True, this function will block until the animation is finished, otherwise the animation will happen in the background.

If loop is True, the animation will repeat forever.

If clear is True, the display will be cleared after the iterable has finished.

microbit.display.scroll(string, delay=400)

Similar to show, but scrolls the string horizontally instead. The delay parameter controls how fast the text is scrolling. This function blocks until it is finished.